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Classic painted interior door “Alba“ - Veneks

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Classic painted interior door “Alba“

Painted door “Alba” with its breathing of classical harmony will make a luxurious and artistic accent to your interior. This exclusive line is valued for its very broad possibilities of integration of the relief ornamentation, variety of patterns and colour shades. The “Alba” door is also distinguished for its soundproof characteristics, especially firm construction and resistance to environmental impact.

  • “Alba” is the plate construction door the framework of the leaf of which is manufactured of the combined solid wood, and the internal plate (“filling”) and covering – of wood fiberboardproviding the construction additional environmental resistance.
  • The door leaf can be either with an overlap or with even edges. The possibilities of obtaining the desired variations of the leaf, the glazing and the door rim are practically unlimited as the use of the wood fiber material allows for the acquisition of elaborate milled patterns and ornaments. For aesthetic reasons, instead of the upper cornices, one may choose either high density wood fiber panels or solid wood platbands (“crowns”).
  • It is possible to install into the door construction either the solid glass or the glass divided into separate panes of desired size and proportions the type, matte appearance and the shade of which can be chosen according to the taste and needs of the client. The glass may be combined with the glass tapes of different types or installed directly into the door leaf without the fiber glass tapes depending on the general style of the interior.