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Other interior door solutions

Flawless quality and original design – these are the advantages of the interior door of our manufacture. Your choices may vary not only in size and type, e. g. framework-panel or flush,single or double door – any shape you require is possible (even the round shape). Any colour, texture, type of wood, metal, glass or leather inserts and articles you choose are realizable.

We can create a design – using the sketch or the drawing of a client – of unique leaf patterns as well as original ornaments of glazing, rimming and platbands („crowns“). Each client can be offered a range of innovative, original and unexpected interior door design solutions.

Modern design interior door “Novus“

Modern Interior door “Novus” will harmoniously complement your interior with stylish details. This technological line is designed to those who value modern life style and look for sustained solutions in the interior design.

  • “Novus” is a narrow frame construction panel wooden door. The frame is manufactured of combined soft and hard wood, and the door leaf filling – for the reasons of resistance and firmness – is made of high density wood fiber board coated with a thin layer of natural timber.
  • It is possible to install solid or segmented glass instead of the door leaf filling. This type of door does not require fiber glass tapes. The type, matte appearance and the shade of the glass can be chosen according to the taste and needs of the client.
  • If necessary, the glazing tapes and inserts made of the rustproof steel, aluminum, glass or any other material can be used as decorative materials. There‘s a range of possible glass tapes,door rim profiles, patterns and ornaments that will grant your door a flavour of modern design.

Wooden door with glass inserts “Vetro“

The aesthetic combination of wood and glass creates the impression of lightness and elegance, the „Vetro“ line, therefore, may equally successfully harmonize with luxury classic or eclectic interiors and living or working spaces of modern laconic style.

  • “Vetro” is a combined framework-panel construction wooden door the leaf frame of which is a combination of soft and hard wood with hardwood edges. The unique design feature of this door is the load-bearing panel glass. This technical solution opens the possibility to manufacture the door that does not require the framework along the entire perimeter.
  • The internal panel (filling) of the door leaf is produced of special, super light and soundproof flax fiber plate or the filling of simpler technical characteristics, i. e. wooden cuttings’ panel which is coated with high density wood fiber board and a thin layer of natural wood.
  • A vertical glass one-piece insertion is constructed in the door leaf. Since the insertion has no framing in the upper and bottom parts of it, the door looks less weighty and more elegant. The type, matte appearance, the width and the shade of the glass can be chosen according to the taste and needs of the client.

The interior door of moderate design “Ergo“

The “Ergo” technological line interior door is designed for those who value intellectual simplicity and good taste minimalism. Due to its moderate design, the “Ergo” door harmonizes with the interior of the dwelling or working space that is not overloaded with decorative details. This type of the door is remarkable for its exceptionally good sound-proof characteristics. The surface of the door can be coated with either natural wood or painted in any desirable colour. This type of the door can be applied in dwelling houses, in offices and in hotels.

  • This is an exceptionally firm, sound-proof and environmentally resistant panel construction door. The leaf framework is manufactured of combined soft and hard wood, whereas the filling is the light sound-proof flax fiber panel. The door leaf is coated with high density wood fibre panel and a thin layer of natural wood.
  • The “Ergo” door can be complemented with the glass of the required size and proportion the type, matte appearance and the shade of which can be selected according to the taste and needs of the client - it actually depends on general style of the interior.
  • Due to its smooth surface, this door line is ideal for combining various coatings and elements. The stainless steel, aluminum or other material inserts will help to acquire the impression of the unique individuality.