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Wooden baseboards, windowsills, furniture facades

The integrity of the style will be maintained by means of the baseboards matching the door rimming, staircase railings, windowsills, other wooden interior trim details. If needed, we can produce even the wooden facades of the furniture. Additional wooden interior elements and the interior doors create the integral aesthetic completeness.

  • The choice of the technology applied depends on the massiveness, complexity of the pattern and of the desired surface of the item. Thus, the products may be made of the hardwood or high density wood fiber board which is afterwards painted or coated with a thin layer of natural wood.
  • The exclusive interior details may be supplemented with metal, glass or leather inserts and trimming elements. If needed, the manufactured products may be polished and/or artificially aged with patina – thus harmonizing the new element to any style of the interior or to the already formed up non-standard environment.