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Both the “Veneks” door and accordingly - the interior elements are manufactured with regard of the customer’s needs: firstly, the client’s idea is comprehensively discussed, after that the process is advanced with the design of sketches, drawings and visualizations. And it is only after the desired materials are chosen that manufacturing drawings are done.

Make use of our manufacturing potential to get your design ideas come true. If you aim at maintaining the unique style of you interior, we can offer you the whole range of products:

  • Hinged and sliding, classic and modern, wooden and painted doors;
  • Trim panels for the metal and fireproof doors, for the ceilings and walls;
  • Door platbands and matching baseboards;
  • Windowsills, staircase railings, a variety of interior accessories and décor;
  • Facades for the kitchen furniture and sliding doors for closets complementing the general style of the interior.

“Veneks” opens vast possibilities for aesthetic and functional solutions. You can choose between

  • Type. The door may be panel or flush, glazed and without glass, simple and double, hinged and sliding, the leaf of the door – with the platband and without it.
  • Size. The measurements of the door leaf may reach as much as 1.2 meters wide and 2.8 meters high. The double door may be accordingly – 2.4 meters wide and 5.6 meters high.
  • Form. The doors of our manufacture may be even round or oval.
  • Design. We can offer any kind of relief patterns, ornaments, glass, metal and leather inserts or trim details.
  • Surface. You can choose between the smooth or natural wood texture, painted or varnish coating, you can get the desired kind of timber, colour and surface gloss.
  • Accessories. We can offer door locks, hinges and other accessories of different types and styles.