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Modern equipment and the expertise of our professionals is a sound basis for the accomplishment of most complicated tasks. Automated, intelligent and high precision production lines as well as clearly defined quality control processes reduce to the minimum the occurrence of any technological error.

  • The “Veneks” interior door construction is especially firm and resistant to environmental impact as its frame is manufactured of the composite solid wood. The edges are additionally braced by hardwood which adds to the stability of the construction as a whole and especially the corners which are mostly exposed to the environmental contact.
  • The filling of the wooden panel construction door is made of especially firm high density wood fiber board. The filling of smooth panel doors contains flax fiber board which has sound isolating properties.
  • Glazing tapes and other wooden patterns are made of oak-tree, mahogany or other kinds of hardwood. These operations require precise accomplishment, and they are carried out, therefore, in the computerized production line. Each phase of the process is supervised by a qualified foreman.
  • All “Veneks” production surfaces are glued using special high quality glue and automated equipment that ensure perfect adhesion. Smooth surfaces are coated with a thin layer of wood using flattening and vacuum presses. These technological peculiarities provide excellent aesthetic looks, give extra resistance to the surface and durability thereof.
  • We aim at the highest quality of our products. The “Veneks” doors, therefore, are polished not only with the polishing devices but also manually. Ultimately, the products’ surfaces are primed and varnished.